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Nilavu Jayalakshmi was born in Bangalore, India. She was trained by “Jothida  Marthanda” Shri  K.S.Krishnamoorthy himself , who founded the world renowned astrological system known as Krishnamoorthy  Paddathi . She uses the famous KP System to predict the future .

 As predicted by her guru K.S Krishnamurthy  , Nilavu followed in the footsteps of her grandfather, who served as the royal court astrologer in the Mysore palace and too up astrology as her profession in February 1960. She has over 48 years of experience as an astrologer . She strives to use the knowledge and experience gained over decades, to help individuals overcome hurdles in their lives by being prepared for their future. She is known for the accuracy of her predictions.  As a result, several years after their first consultation with Nilavu , clients return periodically to get predictions for themselves, their family, friends, relatives , co-workers , children , grandchildren  and even great grand children

 Currently, she is applying the K.P. System and researching the effects of planetary positions on the human body. Her aim is to establish a certain correlation between an individual’s horoscope and the diseases that afflict them during their lifetime.







Apart from being honored by various organizations with gold medals and titles, she constantly receives appreciation from her clients, commending the accuracy of her predictions. She is recognized as the first Indian Lady astrologer and has clients from over 32 countries in the world. Her clientele includes world leaders, politicians, industrialists, scientists, artists, lawyers, doctors, accountants and others.

How can I get a reading done?

You can contact us through this website , or Email to KPastro33@yahoo.com or Call 732-603-0063 or Fax to 732-603-0058 .We will get in touch with you or reply to you , based on your request. Personal consultation only by appointment

Please print the "Request for reading"sheet and fill ALL details and fax the sheet to us. If you would like to e-mail the details , please make sure you give us ALL of the 10 details in the same e-mail in order to have you reading done. Any fax or e-mail request with any missing information will not be processed.



E-mail to KPastro33@yahoo.com or KPsystem@aol.com     //     Fax : 732-603-0058    //     Phone:  732-603-0063  

Click here to print "Request Reading" sheet to fax us the required information.