**Astrologer "Nilavu" Jayalakshmi


Are you curious or worried about your future?

Do you know the difference between an Astrologer and a Psychic ?


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Have you ever wondered about your future or wanted the answer to a very important question ?



Now you have the opportunity to consult "Nilavu" Jayalakshmi, the world renowned astrological expert.



Astrologer "Nilavu"  Jayalakshmi

Utilizing her knowledge and experience gained over decades( 48 years and counting ), Nilavu has helped countless individuals overcome hurdles in their lives by helping them be prepared for their future.

A common questions is "How accurate are her predictions?". After their first consultation with Nilavu , clients return periodically to get predictions for themselves, their children , grandchildren  and even great grand children. Clients also strongly recommend her and refer their siblings, friends, relatives and co-workers to consult her.


Common questions are:

Will I find a job?

Will I get married soon ?

Will I be financially stable ?

Will I start my own business? 

Will I Profit in my business?

Will I have serious health problem?

Will I buy a house?

Will I have children?

Will I win the legal dispute?

Will my child get into a good college?


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How can I get a reading done by Nilavu ?


You can print and fill out the “Request for Reading“ sheet and Fax to 732-603-0058 .


You can e-mail ALL the required details to KPastro33@yahoo.com.  If you are faxing or e-mailing the details , please make sure you give us ALL of the 10 details in the same e-mail or fax , in order to have you reading done. Any fax or e-mail request with any missing information will NOT be processed.


You can Call 732-603-0063 to fix an appointment for a face-to-face consultation.

Based on your request,  you will be contacted or receive a reply from us.

Nilavu's Contact Information :


E-mail :             KPAstro33@yahoo.com     or


Phone  :            732-603-0063

Fax      :            732-603-0058

       Mailing Address:

Nilavu Jayalakshmi

P.O. Box 159

Iselin , NJ 08830




E-mail to KPastro33@yahoo.com or KPsystem@aol.com     //     Fax : 732-603-0058    //     Phone:  732-603-0063  

Click here to print "Request Reading" sheet to fax us the required information.